Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 Recommendations

As we embark upon another year in the advancement of automation for our customers let us keep the following in mind:

  1. The economy will not warrant wasteful spending based on introduction of technologies that add more value to resumes than portfolios.

  2. This is the best time for Innovation. When there is less money and higher pressure, true genius has a chance to emerge. Give problems to fewer people to solve.

  3. Let us not treat data's glom of data tucked away in a corner is next year's project to mine it for insight.

  4. Enable process management when the business wants there some shift happening that you can get a win-win from?

  5. The fidelity of investments need to correlate to the level of investment and impact to your bottomline.

  6. Its all about topline, so what are you NOT doing?

  7. Start planning NOW for next years hindsight.

  8. Consider the last 5 years of investment... where are you NOT spending this year?

  9. Adopt a mantra to have teams own the list of next year's to-do's

  10. In the end, its all about people...enable people to get to data, enabling people to get to our systems, enabling faster and cheaper change to the systems, and enabling people to better nurture the systems.