Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Business Architect? Whatever!

Although the term "business architecture" has different meanings to different organizations I do believe some boundaries are in order...

(Updated link) This is NOT Business Architecture.

This is also NOT Business Architecture.

I see an interesting behavior springing out of the industry verticals due to three facts:

> the term STRATEGY has lost its hype factor
> consultants with multiple years in industry and witness to many an organization's dysfunction are venturing off on their own thinking they know better
> business managers that were once successful in creating old school IT organizations, lost positions due to new school tactical innovators and integrators, are venturing off on their own to prove they were right

Bottom - line is that these groups that just don't get Business Architecture are starting a new hype around a ROLE and not a DOMAIN.

Am I wrong here? Doesn't Business Architecture belong in the IT organization?
Would really like some others perspectives on this!