Saturday, September 30, 2006

Business Architecture Anyone?

It seems Business Architecture is the new hot topic?
I would like to survey the blogosphere for people who are in or work with organizations that have either Business Architects as a role or a published Business Architecture discipline.
Please post a response and help me gauge the interest corporations have with this domain.
The future of IT or just Hype? What do you think?
(Props to Lucasfilms for the image)

It's Been Awhile...

I'm back!!! Sorry to my friends in the blogosphere for being quiet of late. No good excuses....just work and home balance a challenge lately. I officially join the ranks of parents with children in multiple activities: Baseball, Tae Kwon Do, Soccer and Gymnastics...not to mention the every other weekend birthday parties. Time for blogging has been scarce. I encourage all husbands to take their wives or family out to dinner tonight. Cheers!