Friday, April 13, 2007

Why Architects may be better than Engineers...

James McGovern has an interesting post on Software ENGINEERING.
Here's a contrarian view James:

Perhaps Software Engineers were NOT enough about people which is why they are mostly found (1) hidden away in silicon valley behind Software Vendors or (2) in their Star Wars t-shirt and sandals working wireless from home.

The people side needs to be focused on 3 things:
- usability and making business automation better for users
- not overengineering UMLs to forward engineer the best and fewest lines of codes which does not directly impact the end user 9 times out of 10.
- leading developers and stakeholders through the quagmire of multiple technology implementations.

Perhaps, the term architect refers to software types that care equally about "software application" as well as the ability to delivery complex solutions to complicated organizations effectively. You will not find us in a five person non-IT start up, you will find many in an F500 organization. Maybe there's a metric hidden in there somewhere...
Number of architects divided by (gross revenue divided by number of employees).

Don't mistake my respect for the quality and brilliance of a well honed engineer.
Bring it!


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