Friday, June 02, 2006

My Internet is Faster than Yours...

CNN syndicated a Popular Science article about a two-tier internet .

This is a bad idea and our children will both regret and resent us if it happens.

The core backbone of the internet needs to grow and scale to meet the global demand for information exchange. We cannot allow the big players to carve out a premium version of the pipelines for a fast lane. The remaining network would be at risk for being left to wither.

I am all for increasing the bandwidth and continuing to prioritize traffic. If we need to ante up an additional $2 a month for everyone to benefit ... fine. I do not want to be left at late-80's AOL clocking when streaming content is the norm.

Please consider this carefully and if you feel compelled reach out to your congress person to express your opinion!

What do you think?


Blogger James McGovern said...

Have you encouraged your coworkers to pay attention to this legislation...

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