Monday, May 01, 2006

Let's See Your Cards...

To some, the world of architecture seems like a game. I see it in my company, I hear about it from friends in other organizations, and I read about it in the blogosphere.

So if Poker is the game, I have some questions:
(1) what are the table stakes?
(2) how does one get invited to the table?
(3) who's dealing?

As that I am a vigilant people watcher I also see the interesting behaviors.

Some folks play "just by the cards" . They react to what they are dealt and know the probabilities. Some are good enough to count the cards, but then it seems no one wants to play anymore.

Other folks play by the people. They read their opponents eyes, watch for cues and "tells" and are constantly on the look out for that darting of the eyes that suggests an "alliance" has formed.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that good work, or playing rather, does not go unnoticed. Sometimes the best players just get bad cards. Sometimes folks just get lucky. How do you decide what card is wild?

Are you a expert bluffer with the dark shades and cold as steel? Or maybe you are like me and cannot hide the Full House in front of you. Either way I hope most would agree that the most successful IT teams play "open face".

I call! Let's see your cards...


Blogger James McGovern said...

Bluffing is a great trait of enterprise architects and is practiced on a daily basis. FYI, it is called governance...

6:07:00 AM  
Blogger JT said...

You are missing the point.
Bluffing implies you "know" you do not have good cards. Your perspective is more about "process", "truthiness" and "perception of trust".

8:21:00 PM  

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