Wednesday, February 01, 2006

American Architect LIVE 10pm EST...

I think it would be awesome to turn on my overpriced basic cable at 10pm Wednesday night and instead of seeing played-out reality show season #9 or that used-to-be-funny program searching for the country's worst singing talent...and instead see "American Architect LIVE". It could be as technical as that hospital show or maybe that one about forensics we all love. Then a spin-off series called Design Pattern Busters could keep our eyes glued. Just think...a 60min episode dedicated to the life of architecting that's deeper than a sit-com but would make me laugh more than the Comedy Channel. Instead of lame commercials created by retired XGamers we could have architects delivering their video resume'-- live. No wait, it could be like that dating show...CTO's could invite architects in and the longer they last through interrogation... the more money they will earn. Now that would be funny!

Ah...youth. What about instilling some icons during childhood? Forget Superman...I want to go buy the latest DVD for SuperArchitectDude. To SOA...and beyond! Complete with a game for your portable A.D.D.Boy console or PDA.

Ha! We will have every american youth salivating to get accepted to an ivy league school with a computer science program.

Oh, and remember that police show, how about EA Whisperer ...on the life and times of architects...requirements work sessions, crisis meetings, strategic planning, design reviews...where's my camera crew? Make-up!

Sometimes life is so serious...take time to relax, smile with your family, and be thankful that you have a job and its not a Dirty Job.


Blogger James McGovern said...

1. architecting is not a word

2. Maybe you should start promoting the notion of open source cable. I got some spare RG6, maybe I could daisy-chain to all the houses in the neighborhood and we share...

7:30:00 AM  

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